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Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Gary E. Swanson
Dimage Studios LLC Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA

Gary E. Swanson is an internationally recognized and highly acclaimed educator, photojournalist, documentary and news producer, director, editor, speaker and consultant. He has given numerous keynote speeches, served as organizer and chair at conferences, presented workshops and lectured at embassies, festivals, and universities throughout China, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece, Italy, Germany, Jordan, Spain, Portugal, Peru, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, and the United States.
Professor Swanson is a three-time Fulbright Scholar to Portugal and the People's Republic of China. From 2007-2015 Swanson was the Mildred S. Hansen Endowed Chair and Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence at the University of Northern Colorado, USA. Previously, Swanson was Professor and Director of Television for nine years at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He has also taught at DePauw University in Indiana and at Elon University in North Carolina. In 1992 Swanson covered the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain for NBC News, and in 2008 was commentator for China Central Television International (CCTV-9) and their live coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games. Professor Swanson continued his on-air work with CCTV-4 as distinguished live guest and commentator in London the summer of 2012.
Swanson has earned more than 76 awards for broadcast excellence and photojournalism including three national EMMY’s, the duPont Columbia Award, two CINE “Golden Eagles,” 16 TELLY’s, the Monte Carlo International Award, the Hamburg International Media Festival’s Globe Award, the 2011 Communitas Outstanding Professor and Educator award, the 2012 Professor of the Year Award, the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award in Education from the University of Illinois, and many others. His photography has won numerous awards and his works have been published in magazines, books, and displayed in art galleries worldwide.

Speech Title: Dishonesty and The Fear of Failure
Abstract: Dishonesty and cheating are rampant. They have more than likely touched every one of us - in our private lives and as educators. Often, we may have been misled or lied to or we, ourselves, have done the lying or misleading. America’s newly elected President Donald Trump lies almost on a daily basis and for a variety of reasons.
It’s all part of a larger issue - a breakdown of the most critical “core” values within our socio-economic and cultural fabric. And it’s our responsibility as parents, teachers, and society in general to teach and reinforce strong values of honesty, citizenship, and hard work for the wellbeing of future generations.


Keynote Speaker II

Prof. Marielle Patronis
Zayed University,  United Arab Emirates

Marielle has over 30 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in Tertiary Education and university-level education. In the UK, she worked at Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Sheffield and Leicester and Sheffield Tertiary Colleges. Since 1998 she has been teaching in the Department of English Writing Studies at Zayed University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which she joined as one of the institution’s founding faculty members.
Marielle earned her Doctorate Degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of Sheffield in the UK. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and Grad Cert from Hallam Sheffield University and Trinity College of London in Teaching English as a Second Language.
Marielle's passion is to combine language teaching with the advances of new internet-based technology. Since 2002 she has been integrating technology into her writing courses at both the beginning and advanced levels while conducting extensive research on the opportunities and challenges of blended e-learning—using the advances of the emerging field of e-learning with proven and effective traditional teaching methods. She has presented her research at academic conferences around the world, in the United States, Japan, Spain, India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Egypt, Jordan, Cambodia and the UK. Most recently she gave a presentation on Online Formative and Summative Assessments in Italy. Teaching in the United Arab Emirates has also given her the opportunity to explore language learning and e-learning in different cultural contexts, and with students who represent a wide range of prior language exposure and academic development.
Marielle has served as a reviewer, board member and a moderator for several international conferences. She has authored and co-authored numerous textbook chapters on e-learning and blended learning. At Zayed University she regularly consults with IT professionals and guides curriculum development in the area of e-learning.


Speech Title: Lost in the Translation: Use of Translation in an L2 Classroom

Abstract: Linguists and teachers have debated the role of translation in a second language classroom since long. Many believe that translation does not belong in the second language classroom because it does not embody making full use of the target language. However, studies, such as Kern’s (1994) and Cook’s (1992) concluded that a teacher must not separate the L1 from the L2, but instead they should make use of the L1 in the learning process of L2. Others proposed that translating should be used carefully and more fully integrated into a second language classroom. This presentation will demonstrate a method of translation employed in an ESL composition III course at Zayed University. An activity based on Wescheler’s (1997) “Functional-Translation Method” will be shared and the way that translation could be used to foster and make use of students’ ability to assimilate L2 (English) information via their L1 (Arabic) will be addressed.


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